Win A Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Stealth Edition For PS4

To celebrate the launch of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, our friends at QV Software have hooked us up with some sweet SGW3 gear and swag. The major prize is one EB exclusive Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Stealth Edition for PS4 – which comes with your very own quadcopter drone, while the runners-up will receive 1 of 5 merch packs.

We were lucky enough to go hands-on with the title recently and we liked what we got to play. You can read the full preview here, or watch the gameplay video below.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Stealth Edition includes:

  • Full Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 PS4 game code
  • Quadcopter Drone with HD Video/Photo Camera (includes USB Charging Cable, Screwdriver & 3.7V Li-Po Battery)
  • Season Pass, which includes:
    • Two Major Single Player Expansions
    • Two Multiplayer Maps
    • Vehicle Buggy
    • Sniper Rifle McMillan TAC-338A
    • Compound Bow
  • Plus 3x Exclusive Sniper Rifle Skin DLC

Merchandise packs include:

  • 1x Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 t-shirt – M and XL sizes available, we will endeavour to fulfil all winners size preference
  • 1x SGW3 tote bag
  • 4x SGW3 rubber wristbands

T & Cs:

  • The competition will run from April 17, 9 am AEST and run until April 24, 9 am AEST.
  • Competition is for Australian residents only.
  • Entrants must be 15 years and older.
  • The winners will be decided by our panel of judges and will be announced at 12 pm on April 24.
  • All winners will be notified via email by a representative of Do You Even Game Bro? So please enter using a valid email account that you check daily. Failure to respond within 3 days of email being sent will see you forfeit your prize and a new winner will be chosen.
  • The winners will be published on after the major prize has been drawn.
  • Mailing of the prize will be handled by QV Software, therefore your personal details (name and address) will be given to QV Software.
  • ONE entry per person. Entrants that enter more than once or write more than 25 words will be disqualified.

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  • Clamp

    Shame, that im outside rules, but one i must say: that edition rocks! There’s only one piece of this set or You have more of them to ourselfs?:)

    • Gounder

      It would be cool to win this because if the drone would turn out to be hard to fly it wouldn’t be that much of a shame if you broke it. If I find this edition in a UK shop I am buying it!

      • Clamp

        You’re right. In some crash we still have a game:) Neverthless, if it would be broken it would be shame, cuz having something for free i does’nt mean that we can be careless with this drone, Not only – with everything.

        • hooker

          Let’s remember the game is most important here 🙂 This is cool stuff, but this is something extra. Tomorrow we’ll be able to play full SGW3 and this is what I was waiting for.

    • Only the one for the giveaway. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy it, so I’m just getting the standard season pass edition.

  • Gounder

    This is so awesome. Unfortunately I am from UK but I’d love to have this edition. I have found it in one store in Australia but I can’t find it in UK. Maybe it will be available here in a few days. Is the developer based in Australia?

    • The developer, CI Games is based in Poland. For some reason we’re one of the few countries that received a collector’s edition like this.

      • hooker

        Well, this is strange, isn’t it? Why Australia, not UK? It’s much colser to Poland, so I’d guessing they will sell it in Europe first.

        • ihavetwocats

          Yeah, Australia seems to be really far from Poland. Germany is so close, whole Europe to go by and why Australia? Anyway, i’ve played it already for a few hours and its cool. Did you happen to play it already?

  • Noizy Bird

    Wow, this beauty is a price. I wish i could take arpat in this contest, but unfortunaterly im living elsehwere. Can You tell us how many people sended anwswers?:)

    • baileysbaileysbaileys

      Today is the last day of this competition, i guess they couldn’t say a word until it ends. Anyway, the release date is tomorrow, i believe the game is the most important here. At least for me.

      • Fatty

        Oh sure you can always buy a cheep drone on aliexpress or something but I think it’s a nice addition. Did you get a chance to play the game already?

  • hooker

    Holy sh*t this is AMAZING STUFF!! Unfortunately I play on PC. Maybe I’l buy PS4… Well, there are other games I’d like to play on it, so maybe this is the time.

    • Fatty

      I do love the drone as well 😀 also I get what you are saying man. It’s awesome to kick back on the couch with your friends and play Fifa or some racing game!

    • Andy

      I think about buying PS4. Now it’s not so expensive, you don’t have to buy brand new ps too. Anyway time to start game on my PC 🙂