We Talk Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 With CI Games

We Talk Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 With CI Games

Last week I spoke to Tomasz Kutera, the PR manager at CI Games, developers on the Sniper series. He was  good enough to chat to us about the latest iteration in the franchise, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. As an avid Sniper fan who enjoyed the flawed fun of the first two entries, I was excited to score the inside scoop on the development of the third instalment with my hard-hitting questions.

DYEGB: You’re aiming to create the most authentic sniper experience, have you gained insight and ideas from current or ex military personnel with sniping experience?

TK: Of course! Actually, the Creative Director of the game, Paul B. Robinson, is a combat veteran and former Marine.

DYEGB: Given that the first two games featured linear game worlds, what were the key reasons for moving to an open-world environment in number 3?

TK: This time realism is absolutely the key aspect for us. Linear game worlds can be fun but are not very realistic, so it was natural to move to an open world. The game’s not only about sniping, it’s about actually being a sniper deep behind enemy lines. In general, snipers are taught two things: how to shoot and how to survive. In Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 you will have to prepare yourself for the mission: find your target, craft your own weapons and tools (bullets and traps for example), plan your actions, execute the plan and even exfiltrate from the area after killing your target. Doing all of these in a linear world wouldn’t be fun, we really focus on giving gamers the freedom and choice necessary to feel like a real sniper.



Tag, you’re it


DYEGB: You mentioned you have to plan your mission, what will this entail?

TK: Let me give you an example: you’ve been given a mission to kill a leader of some group, but you don’t know who he is. You don’t know his name, don’t know how he looks like or where he lives. You must gather all the necessary info, find out his daily or even weekly schedule, find a good way to execute him and actually do it. And this is just a simple example, right? I know it’a a very general answer, but stay tuned, we’ll be showing a lot more in the upcoming months.

DYEGB: Number 2 was criticised for being excessively short, can we expect a longer campaign this time around?

TK: Definitely! The campaign itself will be longer and of course, thanks to the open world, there will be a number of side activities to discover. Some will be optional, so it’s only up to you how much time you want to spend with the game.



Attack of the Drones


DYEGB: You mention the game will feature side activities, what is the Dev team doing to make sure these don’t feel repetitive or like filler missions?

TK: For us, side activities are a great way to tell stories. Remember, there’s a proxy war going on in Georgia and during the game you’ll be able to discover some of the worst aspects of war. We’ll be showing more in the future, so stay tuned. And again, we want you to feel like a real sniper. It won’t be about receiving an object from an NPC and taking it somewhere else.

DYEGB: A new feature in the third game is the scout mode, can you explain how it helps your character complete their mission?

TK: First of all, you must understand what scout mode is. It’s not magic, it’s not using a high-tech military equipment, it’s not a superpower. Scout mode is you, a skilled scout sniper, accessing your training. You see and know more than regular people do. For example, you may be able to analyze footprints and find out more about your surroundings or see some other points of interest or naturally feel that some spots are actually great sniping spots. And these are just few examples. So, how does it help the character? Well, it’s him being a highly trained scout sniper.



Not the only one with a big gun


DYEGB: The game is said to be releasing in 2016, is there a targeted quarter?

TK: Yes, we’d like to release the game in the second quarter of 2016 or somewhere between Q2 and Q3, 2016.

DYEGB: Will there be multiplayer or are you focusing all your efforts on the single player experience?

TK: Right now we’re focusing on the single player part of the game, we want to deliver the best experience possible. But yes, we want to develop multiplayer as well, we have some really cool ideas for it, however it’s possible that it won’t be available at the day of the release.


I see you

You can’t hide from me


Personally I believe the Sniper series is brimming with unrealised potential, and when Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 was first announced my anticipation was at a cautiously optimistic level. But after speaking with Tomasz, reading a few E3 demo impression pieces and watching the developer’s diary, it’s beginning to look like that massive potential for the game may finally be realised. I especially love the realism that the developers are trying to achieve: the pre-planning, how the open-world allows for multiple ways to complete an assignment and the fact you must escape in order to complete your mission. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 has shot up close to the top of my most-anticipated releases for 2016, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

For more information check out the games official site and watch the developer diary below.

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  • Michael Hatze

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 promises to be very interesting game so I will be wait on it very much. What a shame it will be released only on 2016. I hope it will be great game because now I have big expectation from this game and it will be better if CI Games do not dosappointed me.

    • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

      Thanks for reading Michael! I’m with you, the premise of this game looks amazing. I really hope it turns out to be as good as it looks to be. Q2 isn’t that far away, besides there’s plenty of great games coming out to keep occupied in the meantime.

      • Michael Hatze

        I know that Q2 on 2016 is not too far but honestly I wait for this game so much and I have big expectation. Patient is not my good side 😉

        • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

          Yeah I know what you mean. When you’re so pumped for a game it feels like a lifetime till it is released. I have that feeling with a few games at the moment: Quantum Break, Homefront: The Revolution and Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age are all games I just want to play now!

          • Michael Hatze

            Haha:) If I want play on all of game which is fine for me I don’t have a time to sleep 😀 Now I wait so much on Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 (of course :) ), Need For Speed and for example Hitman:) But this title is more 😛

          • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

            Yeah I’ll be all over Need for Speed, I’m not really into racing games but that game does look pretty damn cool. Hitman will depend on whether I get the time, there’s just so much coming out and I already have a huge backlog.

          • Michael Hatze

            I really don’t want to play only on one type of games so racing game or MMO, RPG is game which I’d like too :)

      • Michael Hatze

        If you want to see today on official CI Games YT channel they showed gameplay:) Here you have a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgRdJmBa95o you must see it because it’s awesome.

        • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

          Yeah thanks mate, I actually saw this the other day. It looks badass! The only concern from that video is when you perform a stealth kill the soldier screams at the top of his lungs haha. Other than that, I think CI Games might have finally created the best sniper game to date. But let’s wait and see…and hope!

          • Michael Hatze

            Yeah! I agree with you, CI Games can create the best sniper game but we must wait on it and then we see. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 have big potential and I hope CIG know about it.

          • moreThanZero666

            New gameplay from Gamescom, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M8Zq3BAUaI

          • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

            Yeah I checked this out. Definitely licking my chops at how it looks so far.

  • Clamp

    The next Sniper Ghost Warrior game will be slighty different from last two games. It will have open world and advanced sniping system. Even BF3 and CoD don’t have something like that. There are new features like day and night cycle, season cycle and non-linear story. The target must be found first but this not just a way from point A to point B. Elimination is proceeded by intel and gathering informations about our target. That’s cool. Waiting for another set of pics and new movies from Sniper Ghost Warrior III.

    • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

      I’m with you Clamp – this game is going to be like something we haven’t seen before. In the sense that it is a FPS with consequences, it’s not a run and gun shooter, it’s a tactical shooter. The devs are really keen for this game to deliver the ultimate sniping experience. I have faith they will do so.

      If you want more footage you can see a gameplay video on IGN.

      • Clamp

        i saw gameplay and it makes me real big wow. I was prepared for something new, but this was too much. All this what happend on screen looks amazing. My favorite was rain and flora on this map. Also good addon in Sniper Ghost Warrior III is hacking using iDoird. Watching what is happening in rooms or outside. I’m still worried about eapon crafitng, but maybe in next movie we will see somtehing more.

        • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

          Yeah the gameplay video is very rad. I also love how difficult it looks, once you’re caught it’s basically game over. The weapon crafting will be interesting, where you get your parts from, I think I remember reading you can buy parts from town folk or the like. Either way the whole game has been wanting more!

  • Rollo

    SGW3 demo looks pretty great and now I’m not surprised that everyone was talking about it after E3. Great graphics, very realistic. This gameplay shows that playing this game will be very nice next year and I can’t wait. I wish it was 2016 already ;(((

    • http://www.doyouevengamebro.net Xack Jackson

      Using CryEngine it is bound to have beautiful graphics, and yes it does look like it is going to be a lot of fun to play. You must be looking forward to some of the big games coming out this year Rollo? Also, thanks for reading!