In Thanks For The Memories we take a look back at the games that shaped the gamers we are today. The age of the average gamer is rising, with many of us having grown up with games over the course of decades. As old and cynical as we become, there are still memories that we cherish that should serve to remind us to take a step back sometimes and marvel at how our favourite pastime has evolved. Maybe it was your first console or the first time you memorised the command LOAD “*”,8,1 on the Commodore 64. Perhaps it’s playing NBA Jam with your grandma on the MegaDrive or that time you challenged the local bully to a game of Street Fighter and beat him in front of the entire school while Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone played in the background. Whatever it may be, let us know so we can all wear the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia together.

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