Jeff Kaplan Responds to Overwatch Character Retirement Rumour

They're retiring my favourite character? No!! How could they!? Could they?

The ARG for the New Overwatch Character Hits Critical Mass

Sombra? Is that you? Ana?! Go away, we're looking for Sombra!

New Overwatch Short ‘The Last Bastion’ is Live

Prepare to board the feels train, as Blizzard takes you on an emotional trip full of robotic beeps, boops, and birds.

Overwatch’s Newest PTR Patch Puts the Kids to Bed

Blizzard threw in a little something special in this PTR patch cycle.

Overwatch’s Zarya coming to Heroes of the Storm

Following the release of Tracer, the Overwatch universe continues to bleed it’s way into the Nexus.

Overwatch is Getting a New Map – Eichenwalde!

Blizzard reveals a new medieval murder pit for Overwatch - Eichenwalde!

Blizzard Discusses Upcoming Overwatch Season 2 Changes

Blizzard riled up the hornets nest today by talking some fairly serious changes coming to Overwatch's competitive mode.

Blizzard @ Gamescom – Everything You Need To Know

Hail to the King baby

Blizzard Confirms Next Overwatch Animated Short

Play of the game - er, Animated short goes to: BASTION.

Russian Blog Rumours New Overwatch Short: The Last Bastion

«Beep bweeboop zeet doot» Translation: Is the next animated Overwatch short about Bastion?

The Overwatch Rap Track To Rule Them All

A fleet of fire trucks couldn't quash this lyrical fire

Overwatch: A Spectator Mode Revamp Is On The Cards

Jeff speaks. We listen.

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