Kieran Stockton

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

Mirror's Edge returns after a long hiatus, but can it escape the flaws of the original?

DOOM Review

Kieran dabbles in a bit of the old ultra-violence

Shadow of the Beast Review

Kieran tries to re-escape the Shadow of the Beast

Alienation Review

These are the real illegal aliens that Trump should be warning us about

We Talk The Surge With Deck13’s Jan Klose

Creative Director of Deck13 talks about his team's next big project

The Flame in the Flood Review

Kieran goes rollin' down the river

The Division Review

Kieran gets down with the sickness

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Tournament to be Held in Melbourne, AUS

Witness the lofty heights of the upper tier of the compressed skill gap live!

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