Steep – Update 1.04 + World Tour Tournament Details

Steep – Update 1.04 + World Tour Tournament Details

Today, Ubisoft announced that Steep is releasing update 1.04. This new update brings a new level of online competitiveness into the game by introducing Steep World Tour Tournament, two new types of Challenges, and reveals that the new free Alaska map will be released on February 10th, 2017.

Players around the globe who are looking to outdo themselves and other riders, could now sign up for Steep World Tour Tournament, a brand new monthly tournament series available for the whole community. The first competition, “Backcountry”, will start today with the qualification phase featuring a challenge in the cursed mountain for skiers and snowboarders who will have to reach 5000 points to make it to the 2nd phase, the Tournament. The 32 best players on each platform during the tournament phase will make it to the finals and will confront each other to win Steep credits.

The wildest and the most creative challenges made by the community will be available to all players through the Community Challenges feature. Steep players could compete in order to achieve the highest score, to gain reputation points and to be on the top leaderboard of each community challenge. The development team will also be creating challenges from time to time, so the players can go up against the Steep team themselves and try to beat their scores.

The eagerly awaited free huge Alaska open world will be globally released on February 10th 2017 and will include the first Branded Challenges. These unique Steep’s partner brands challenges will reward the fiercest players with Steep credits and reputation points. They will also be available in the Alps in a second phase.

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