Prepare To Die In 2D Dark Souls Spinoff “Slashy Souls”

Dark Souls III, an upcoming release for the Souls series developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is not the only game in the series being released this year. Unveiled by Bandai Namco and GameStop today, there will be a 2D spinoff souls series for mobile devices called “Slashy Souls.”. Along with this came the news that you would not have to wait very long for it, with it being released on February 28 (probably 29 for Australians).

According to Bandai,Slashy Souls is inspired by Dark Souls but bears no direct connection to the series. The game will be a 16-bit, endless runner style game containing weapons, spells and bosses that should bring a sense of familiarity to Souls fans.

Slashy Souls is scheduled to launch tomorrow for iOS and Android devices. Whether it’s a paid or free-to-play game remains to be seen.

Watch the trailer below or click here.

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