Pokemon Sun & Moon: Using QR Codes to Spawn Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Using QR Codes to Spawn Rare Pokemon

Yeah, you read the title right. We live in a digital age, where a relic of the past can now be used to bestow some delightful pocket monsters upon yourself.

How does it work? Simple! In the brand spanking new games Pokémon Sun and Moon, you have access to a QR scanner in your primary pause menu:


Opening this bad boy will prompt you to locate a QR code to scan and get points – if you get enough points, you can perform a thing called an ‘Island Scan‘. This ‘Island Scan‘ will nominate an area of the island you are currently exploring, and show a silhouette of a special Pokémon that is now appearing there – and this Pokémon is guaranteed to be something not native to the Sun & Moon landmass, so it can be all kinds of cool stuff! Things like Charmanders! Mudkips! Or, in my case – a Litwick!


Come to papa!


Now of course, you might be asking – What kind of QR codes am I after? Well silly billy, you need Pokédex QR codes! And a kind soul just so happened to have collected a selection for you here:

Pokemon Sun / Moon QR Codes

Now you can do this groovy activity once a day, and when you have scanned for your special Pokémon, you only get an hour to go an catch it! And to make it even more nail biting, you only get one chance to catch it! So don’t blow it!

Now go Trainers, take this hot tip and start catching some sweet old school Pokés! GOTTA SCAN ‘EM ALL!

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