Payday 2 – The Big Score Console Listing Spotted On Gamestop’s Website

The long-suffering console-based community for the popular Payday 2 series are a patient bunch as the PC community continues to be fed DLC like kings, while the famished console peasants wait for new content to sink their teeth into. However, their patience has been tested in recent times as it emerged that it had ticked over 400 days since the last update for the Crimewave Edition on PS4 and Xbox One. A representative for Overkill, the games developer, explained the implementation of console patches was the main reason for the delay in additional content being made available to Crimewave Edition players and that the company was making every attempt to make the content available ASAP.

It appears that the great depression of console updates may soon be coming to an end, with a PS4 and Xbox One listing for Payday 2: The Big Score being found on American video game retail chain, Gamestop’s online store. The Gamestop listing shows a release date of October 11, 2016 and a price of $49.99 USD.

Payday 2 big score gamestopHowever, this is where it gets a little concerning. The listing indicates that another console version is going to be made at retail level (obviously), so what does that mean for Crimewave Edition players? Surely whatever updates that are included in The Big Score will be made available to the owners of the Crimewave Edition via a (free) update? It’s criminal… to think that console players may again be forced to part ways with their hard-earned cash in order to play new content. But given the treatment of the console community so far nothing would surprise me.

So far there has been no official statement by Overkill regarding The Big Score, so until then everything is pure speculation.

Do You Even Game Bro? have reached out to Overkill regarding the matter, but don’t expect an update as no response is expected.


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