Overwatch Director Apologizes To Console Players

Overwatch Director Apologizes To Console Players

It is no secret that Blizzy seem to push anything Overwatch related via the PC version. That being said, the team behind the game have certainly made a wonderful version (as opposed to port) that supports the mechanics well for a controller setup.

Now, a lot of players also feel they are getting the stick end of the deal because they play on console, this may be the case for a game primarily focused on the PC scene, especially with Esports) and it is something game director Jeff Kaplan addressed recently.

Apologies that you feel this way. It is never our intention to make any part of the player base feel undervalued.

To address some of your specific points:

Both Xbox and PS4 run at 60hz — same as PC. This went live on September 13.

We’ve debated whether or not to create console-specific forums for some time. Our decision not to was deliberately to embrace the idea of “one community” and not split focus too much. While the platforms have some differences, we’d like to believe there are way more similarities and we didn’t want to segment too many people off. We will certainly revisit this over time.

Lastly, there are a number of control pad specific changes being tested right now. Our next patch will deliver these to players based entirely on console feedback. We’re trying really hard to listen to the console community and make changes to improve the game for them.

Running a game on three platforms will always have some issues, especially with patching (Sony & Microsoft must have certification before going live, where as the PC version can go live straight away) but it is nice to see Kaplan publicly addressing the concerns of console players.

Overwatch is still in the infancy stage (when compared to how Blizzard release and support titles) so it is expected that issues will arise and also great to see that they are not falling under deaf ears.

In other Overwatch news, Kaplan has also addressed many community topics & questions during the latest developer update that you can watch below.

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