Jeff Kaplan Responds to Overwatch Character Retirement Rumour

Jeff Kaplan Responds to Overwatch Character Retirement Rumour

In a recent interview with Game Informer Jeff Kaplan was asked if any of our favourite Overwatch heroes could be retired in the near future. Kaplan’s response was as follows:

We would leave the door open to that. I think the fact that we chose the business model we did – that the game comes with all the heroes and we’re giving you everything [extra] for free so far – allows us to retire a hero without feeling bad about it. But I think we have a long way to go before heroes will need to be.

Now of course, because this in the internet and common sense is not that common, rumours started circulating that they were definitely going to retire some characters. People will jump on anything to create a headline and certain “news” publications started to run with it. Jeff Kaplan has since responded to the rumours on the US forums, you can see his response in the following picture:


To read his full interview click here and to see the forum post click here. Now, can we all just relax?!

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