EXCLUSIVE: CI Games Reveal Two Previously Unannounced Multiplayer Modes For Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Many fans of CI Games’ recent sniper game, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, have been hanging out for the game’s multiplayer modes, which were not available when the game launched back on April 26 earlier this year. We broke the news that SGW3 would not launch with its multiplayer modes, and today we have a new exclusive to bring you, this time regarding the game’s previously unannounced multiplayer modes.

We recently sat down with Daniel Slawinski, a Senior Level Designer for CI Games and on SGW3, to gain an insight into both the studio and the SGW3 project pre and post-launch. You can read the full interview here. However, I am happy to be able to share a golden nugget of information regarding the unannounced multiplayer modes today.

Daniel Slawinski: The multiplayer mode of SGW3 will feature different sniper-focused game modes and, today, I can share two of them with you. One, which we have called The Bounty Hunter, will challenge you in how long you stay alive and part of the scoring will depend on that. The second one will be based on 1 on 1 combat, set on smaller maps. Overall, for all the modes, we are preparing a variety of different maps, each of which was designed taking into the account the specific gameplay of each mode. It goes without saying, but you will be able to use some cool sniper rifles and the general progression will be separate from the single-player game. Obviously, each sniper rifle from the selection has its pros and cons. You will also have a selection of bullets to choose from, with the tagging bullet being just one example. We will also bring back some of the core mechanics that our fans previously enjoyed, such as a warning device.

These newly-announced modes join Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch modes as part of the game’s upcoming multiplayer component which CI Games are hoping to have released by the end of 2017.

In the meantime, players can tackle the game’s first single-player DLC, The Sabotage, which puts players in the shoes of Robert North and focuses on the events leading up to game’s main campaign. You can view the trailer below:

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  • Brian Maneke

    sounds absolutely stupid

    • Brian Maneke

      still so many things wrong with the game and no sign of any of it being fixed.

      • Ronald Lacy

        Hi, Brian I TOTALLY agree. I am an OLD MAN, and retired police sniper. I am also a gun nut and ballistic expert. ALL of these games, not just the Sniper Ghost series, but including most of the new ones like Ghost Recon Wildlands, the Division and others do NOT seem to have a clue of real like Marine Force Snipers, Navy Seals, Green Beret. etc., etc. They ALWAYS over emphasize the sway of the sight/scope. I have been shooting for over 40 years. Became top gun pistol and rifle in my department for 8 years, 1978 to 1986. I did not have my scope moving like these games do my FIRST year, and even after getting old it DOES NOT move/sway like the games depict it.

        Also a lot of games now have stamina built in, such as Ghost Recon Wildlands, but they are terrible. After about 40 yards, maybe even 30 they have my character huffing and puffing like an OLD FAT MAN out of shape. In REAL LIKE these Spec. Op guys are in TOP FORM and most can run flat out with 50 pounds of gear for at least 100 yards. Many departments REQUIRE THAT a man must run 100 yards with 50 lbs before they pass and are accepted. Firemen are not required to run but they must be able to climb a 100′ ladder and then carry a 100 pound down the ladder in a certain amount of time. Don’t remember but it was like 30 seconds or so. But the GAMES have you running out or steam in 15 seconds. WHAT A JOKE…

  • Lupe Naranjo

    To be quite honest, this whole game was filled with false advertisement and i just wish somehow i can get my money back! I purchased this game from walmart and obviously, I cant return it due to the code being used! I have no choice but to assume that this multiplayer update is never going to be released! Way too many problems. I just want my money back!!!

    • Hang in there mate, they are working on it as fast as they can. It will be released.

  • Archie Moar

    @Zach, well I am enjoying SGW3 much more than Sniper Elite 4 and appreciate all the effort that has gone into making the game. I generally prefer first person to third for a more immersive experience and found SE4 too easy even on the hardest mode. SGW on hardest mode is a far more enjoyable experience, the hideout makes perfect sense and I am enjoying the mission progression. So far I like everything about the game and I don’t care about the issues that some glass half empty reviewers don’t like. Good job, I look forward to more content and options in the future. Thanks.