E3 2017: Anthem Gameplay Reveal

E3 2017: Anthem Gameplay Reveal

The sneaky new IP from BioWare got its gameplay reveal at the end of Xbox’s E3 presser this morning, and be damned if it isn’t looking mighty tasty:

Revealed live with that special brand of forced team speak that only E3 can provide, the game is a third-person shared-world shooter featuring rocket-propelled exo suits and a post-apocalyptic world redolent of Horizon Zero Dawn. Although it’s a multi-platform title it’s clear Microsoft want to align the game with their Xbox brand, similar to what PlayStation have done with Destiny (which is likely why they gave it such an important spot at the end of their briefing).

Unsurprisingly you’ll have to wait until 2018 to actually play it (Spring here in ‘Straya), but no doubt they’ll be stoking the coals of this hype train in the mean time. We’ll keep you posted.

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