Doomfists Gauntlet Might Have Been Flogged …Again – Overwatch

Doomfists Gauntlet Might Have Been Flogged …Again – Overwatch

The internet is abuzz today, with a PTR patch for Overwatch revealing what appears to be a hint that the Doomfist …well, ‘Fist’ may be setting up to go missing once more.

The Fist itself appears in-game on the ‘Numbani’ map, in a special armoured carrier with the objective being to keep it secure and deliver it to a museum so it can be put on display (because we all know how well the last exhibition went).

However it appears that the most recent PTR would suggest something nefarious is now afoot:

With the recent mega-buzz about Terry Crews visiting Blizzard headquarters with a heavy suggestion he could well voice a new ‘Doomfist’ character (what little lore exists suggests that ‘Doomfist’ is more a title than an individual) a development such as this is enough to kick the rumor mill into hyper-ultra-mega-drive.

Of course the internet is going bananas over the whole thing, but I myself am not surprised – the gauntlet should never have been kept in such shoddy conditions.

I’m just concerned that my Win/Loss rate may now be adjusted to compensate for the fact that the gauntlet missing may technically mean my previous victories on the Numbani map now mean nothing.

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