Crytek Lays Off 15 Employees From Its Frankfurt Team

Crytek Lays Off 15 Employees From Its Frankfurt Team

German outfit Crytek haven’t had a good run over the past couple months with the closure of five studios in December amid more rumours of financial trouble.

Earlier today Crytek announced via press release that due to its previously announced new business strategy (link above), they, with regret will be letting go of 15 Frankfurt-based employees. You can read the press release in full below:

Today game developer and publisher Crytek announced they will let go 15 Frankfurt-based employees in line with business strategy changes announced in December.

Following the transfer of publishing operations for free-to-play shooter Warface in Europe and North-America, Crytek will refocus on its core strengths of multi-platform game development and the evolution of its CRYENGINE technology. The publishing team previously responsible for Warface will be affected by these changes, though most staff members will transition to new projects internally.

Crytek Co-Founder and Managing Director, Avni Yerli, confirmed the news today, saying, “Crytek has always sought to push the boundaries of gaming, and that remains our primary goal as we scale down the business to re-focus on game and technology development first and foremost. Unfortunately, one of the inevitable effects of this process has been the redundancies we are announcing today. We are extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of each and every person at Crytek, and the team members we now have to say goodbye to will receive comprehensive support that reflect that gratitude. We will also be on hand to offer whatever support we can as they seek to find new positions elsewhere that reflect their considerable talents.”

Our thoughts are with those employees affected by this announcement and hope that they can new positions as soon as possible.

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