Cooperative Puzzler Death Squared To Release In March

Death Squared, the cooperative puzzle game from Sydney-based SMG Studio has finally been given a release date of March 14.

The game which sees players handle robots and aiding in their escape from a treacherous A.I. testing facility will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. The PS4 version will feature online multiplayer via Share Play functionality.

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on the game on two separate occassions and on both times came away super impressed with the level of enjoyment and difficulty from such a simple concept.

Zach developed his love for gaming thanks to the Capcom games of yore, and as such has a penchant for the survival horror genre. He also has a proclivity to buy games and never play them, which has lead to one of the largest backlogs known to man. Outside of gaming he occasionally writes tap-delay riffs for his musical project, the midnight bloom and is an ardent sports fan that supports the San Jose Sharks, Carlton and Burnley FC. Get around him on Twitter @xackclaret

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