Podcast #005 / Uncharted 4 Is Overrated + Overwatch Is A-Mei-Zing!

Sorry Uncharted fans, but please hear us out first!

Podcast #004 / There’s Something About The Division

The Division, Playstation VR and The Culling.. as we experiment with a video cast for the first time!

Podcast #003 / The GOTY Files

The DYEGB crew huddle up to discuss the best (and worst) games of 2015

Podcast #002 / The Taken Metal Gear King

MGSV, Mad Max & Destiny lead the charge in this week's cast. Also, crack heads and creepy Nolan North.

Podcast #001 / Everybody’s Gone To The Raptor

Zach, Trent & Kieran butt heads over the new sony exclusive + discuss everything from Mass Effect, Cannibal chickens and Kieran's hatred of Nathan Drake

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