Modern Warfare Remastered Is The Worst Remaster For A Multitude of Reasons

How far must remasters go before we (collectively) decide it has to stop?

Now That E3 Has Come And Gone, Don’t Preorder Those Games You Saw

In a world where cut content and subpar launches are the norm, preorder culture does more harm than good

The DYEGB Team’s Best Bits of E3 2017

Who needs lows when you can have highs?

E3 2017: #callingit

Death, taxes and Call of Duty are all certainties; #callingit joins the ranks

E3 2017: DYEGB’s Ironclad Predictions

These are not hopes and dreams, they are 100% guaranteed or your money back

ARMS Direct Shows Off New Game Modes, New Characters

A plethora of new content for the discerning stretch-puncher.

We Talk Farpoint with Impulse Gear Founder Seth Luisi

And some insight into the creation of the Aim Controller

MvC: Infinite’s Story Will Tell You Why Its Worlds Collide

What to expect when you are expecting INFINITY.

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