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DYEGB's esports, news & Blizzard coverage dude. You can usually find him playing Overwatch until 4am, drinking a ridiculous amount of energy drinks and screaming at his monitor after losing a round of Mortal Kombat. Btag: Knives#11174 / PSN: darkesthour69 / Steam: DeepSpaceKepler / Twitch: DeepSpaceKepler

Overwatch Esports – Top 5 Plays of the Week: Oceanic Summer Series Main Event

More Summer Series action happening this weekend!

Prey – ‘Mimic Madness’ Trailer

Rolling toilet paper never looked so satisfying

Iranian Developer Banned From GDC To Have Game Hosted By Devolver Digital

Devolver give a big Fuck you to Trump's travel ban

Hearthstone Esports – Championship Tour Winter Playoffs Begin Tomorrow

Tune in and support our ANZ representatives!

A Brief History of Esports

Things have come a long way since the 1980's Space Invaders Championship

Overwatch- Meet Efi Oladele

Could this young inventor be linked to the next Overwatch hero?

Heroes Of The Storm – Lúcio Is An AOE Gamechanger

How our favourite freedom fighting DJ is breaking the Nexus down

Dawn of War III – Prophecy of War Trailer

When Farseer Taldeer speaks, you listen

Hearthstone – Year of the Mammoth Announced

Maiev Shadowsong also makes an appearence

Is The Next Overwatch Hero Soundquake?

Pharah & Soldier 76 might just be the key

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