Trent Saunders

DYEGB's esports, news & Blizzard coverage dude. You can usually find him playing Overwatch until 4am, drinking a ridiculous amount of energy drinks and screaming at his monitor after losing a round of Mortal Kombat. Btag: foxcub#11140 / PSN: darkesthour69 / Steam: DeepSpaceKepler / Twitch: DeepSpaceKepler

StarCraft Remastered Announced

The genre defining RTS is back and looking smooth as velvet

Outlast 2 Will Now Get An Australian Release

The notorious title will release uncut as originally intended

Street Fighter V – CFN preview + Free Week For PC Players

A slew of new changes are on the way!

The Hearthstone Winter Championship Kicks Off Tomorrow

Who doesn't want a share of $250,000?

Overwatch – Orisa Is Live

Serve & protect

Diablo III – Necromancers, Patches & Season 10

Seasons finally launch on console!

The Deer God Trailer

Procedurally-generated spiritual reincarnation. Yep

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