Edward Darling

If they had waterproof controllers in the 80s, Edward would probably have been gaming in the womb. He’ll play anything with a pixel and would rather make console love, not console wars.

PSN / XBL: CptLovebone


Has A Crack

DOOM Switch Review

Warm up your B.F.G. and step back into hell with DOOM on the Switch


Bloody Ripper

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Review

Do you have what it takes to survive The Frozen Wilds?



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Tactical hack and slash heroes



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Tee off with Edward as he goes clubbing in the painfully happy Everybody’s Golf. Be warned though, jokes about balls and holes are par for the course

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With the release of Destiny 2 almost upon us, Edward takes a stern look at the DLC on offer.


Get Around It

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Review

Edward takes us on a journey back to feudal Japan, where samurai and ninja sneak through gorgeous isometric landscapes

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Edward shares his thoughts on recent Destiny 2 beta. Find out what's new, what's good and what could still use some improvement.

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