Do You Even Game Bro?

Do You Even Game Bro is a small collective of avid Aussie gamers who after many years of devouring gaming-related news and content from across the Interwebz, have decided to venture out on their own and present their spin on the gaming world.

Win A Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Collector’s Edition

Enter for your chance to win, stranger

Most Anticipated Games of 2017 Team Picks

2016 hated celebrities but loved gamers. What you got 2017?

Most Disappointing Games of 2016 Team Picks

The DYEGB crew list the games that didn't quite cut the mustard in 2016

Game of the Year 2016 Team Picks

The DYEGB team confess which games made their jorts the tightest in 2016

Final War Starter Kit Competition Winners

Who's got the magic answers?

Win A Final War Tactical Card Game Starter Kit

Here's your chance to get around the hottest new tactical card game on the market

Win A Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset

Treat your ear holes with your very own Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset thanks to QV Software and Turn Left Distribution

Watch_Dogs 2 Competition Winners

Winners are grinners

Win A Copy of Watch_Dogs 2 For PS4

Score yourself a copy of Watch_Dogs 2 thanks to Ubisoft Australia

Tight in the Jorts: November Edition

AAA titans and facial hair shenanigans make November a month to both fear and respect

Tight in the Jorts: October Edition

PSVR and a slew of AAA monsters set the jorts atremble

Tight in the Jorts: September Edition

Always remember the jorts of September, the gunpowder treason and plot

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