Do You Even Game Bro?

Do You Even Game Bro is a small collective of avid Aussie gamers who after many years of devouring gaming-related news and content from across the Interwebz, have decided to venture out on their own and present their spin on the gaming world.

Tight in the Jorts: October 2017 Edition

Hat throwing, Nazi killing and no-holds-barred fishing – October has it all

Calling All Writers, DYEGB Needs You!

Become part of the phenomenon

Get Even Competition Winners

Who walks away with the chocolates?

E3 2017: Predictions Report Cards

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the arsiest of them all?

Win A Digital Copy of Get Even

To win Get Even, you have to tell us how you'd get even

E3 2017: #callingit

Death, taxes and Call of Duty are all certainties; #callingit joins the ranks

E3 2017: DYEGB’s Ironclad Predictions

These are not hopes and dreams, they are 100% guaranteed or your money back

E3 2017 Hub

Tight in the Jorts: May 2017 Edition

May marks the return of an old favourite, a spiritual successor and the usual niche games that only Zach is hyped for

Win A Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Stealth Edition For PS4

Become the ultimate sniper with your very own quadcopter drone