Australia Set For Faster Internet Speeds, But At A Price

Australia Set For Faster Internet Speeds, But At A Price

It’s no secret; Australia’s internet sucks. Like, really sucks.  The last Akamai State of the Internet Report had us ranked 50th in the world. We’re even beaten in speeds by some third world countries. Countries that can’t even feed themselves are better than us. But who needs food when you have fast internet, right?! Our government is so full of old men who use the internet for nothing more than looking at funny pictures of cats (Good luck watching a cat video, amiright?!) that even the latest in internet infrastructure, the NBN, is behind the times.

Enter good guys Telstra, who the other day previewed “the future of mobile connectivity in Australia” with their Telstra Nighthawk M1 mobile broadband hotspot a gigabit class LTE mobile device capable of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

With Nighthawk M1, customers can:

  • Download a typical 3.5MB song in a fraction of a second
  • Download a 20MB PowerPoint presentation in as little as one second
  • Download a 300MB one hour TV episode in as little as sixteen seconds
  • Download a 3GB HD Movie in as little as 3 minutes

Sounds great right? Well not so fast. The “fastest speeds in the world” are so far only in laboratory-like conditions, with real-world speeds pegged to be considerably slower and the cost of data is sure to be astronomical. Still, anything that means I don’t have to wait a full day to update my games is surely a step in the right direction. Exciting times for internet technology; times that can only get better with…well…time.

The device will be available next month with a RRP of $360.

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