Asemblance Releasing Next Week For PS4 and PC

Impending first-person psychological thriller, Asemblance will release on both the PSN and Steam stores early next week. Developer Nilo Studios have confirmed (read the blog post here) that June 21 is the game’s official release date, however it may take an extra day or so for the game to show up in the Australian PSN store. The game is retailing for $9.95 USD, so hopefully it is under $20 for us Australian folk.

Not sure what Asemblance is all about? Check this mini primer and watch the game’s trailer below:

You wake to find yourself trapped inside an experimental machine…
A machine built to simulate memories. 
You no longer recall why you entered, but an AI voice guides you. Trying to escape, you face memories from a past you may not want to remember.
But what is real?
Are these memories your own?
Can you even trust your own mind anymore?
Are you even in control?

Asemblance is the pilot episode of a mind-bending franchise inspired by The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and the Black Mirror television series.

Currently studying a Masters of Communications, Zach paradoxically finds himself writing about video games more than actually playing them. He’s one-half of the musical project, the midnight bloom and an avid Chicken Wing Enthusiast that supports the San Jose Sharks, Carlton and Burnley FC. Get around him on Twitter @TightInTheJorts

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