Most Anticipated Games of 2017 Team Picks

Most Anticipated Games of 2017 Team Picks

Every year for the past three years I have written in hope that this will be the year that Crytek release the impressive looking HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age. Given the lack of updates I would say that not even saying the Lord’s Prayer every night will help me get what I desire. However, like every year there are no shortage of titles that have me hopeful that they can live up to the potential.

3 – Prey: The now infamous cancelled Prey 2 looked incredible when it was debuted at E3 many moons ago. When the inevitable cancellation was announced I hoped that someone would eventually finish off what Human Head had started. However, when Bethesda announced at E3 this year that Prey would be returning as a full reboot under the development of Arkane Studios I was excited by the possibilities that they would bring to the table. The first few gameplay videos we’ve seen look incredibly promising and one can’t help notice the Dishonored influence. Plus, you can transform into a cup. What more could you want?

2 – Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3: The Sniper: Ghost Warrior series’ previous iterations have largely been disappointing affairs. The second iteration was lambasted for its incredibly short (lasting a meagre 4-5 hours) and mediocre campaign, despite having some cracking visuals thanks to CryEngine. The third instalment in CI Games’ series is the studio’s first AAA production attempt. The biggest change of all is the game world, as this is the first game in the series to have an open-world environment. CI Games have also stated that SGW3 will have approximately 30 hours of content, and that multiplayer will be returning for the third title. The gameplay videos have all looked promising and here’s hoping that CI Games can deliver the best sniper experience yet.

1 – Resident Evil VII: Biohazard: After its somewhat surprise announcement at Sony’s E3 conference this year, Capcom’s survival horror juggernaut has been building hype nonstop. One of the most controversial decisions by the Japanese company was to change the viewpoint from third to first person. Given that RE7 is compatible with PSVR on launch, it’s not hard to see why they made the switch. Capcom also stated that they wanted to ‘go back to their horror roots’ with RE7, and as such the game is set to feature a new protagonist, one that isn’t blessed with combat training – another move that angered the fans of games of yore. Resident Evil is my favourite series and at first I was reluctant to embrace Capcom’s new vision for the series, instead believing that Capcom were simply cashing in on both the popular new wave horror genre (first-person in the ilk of P.T.) and the Resident Evil name. However, after playing the demo through numerous times on both PS4 and PSVR and reading the details as they have been incrementally disseminated I have come around. I am fully aboard the hype train, and I believe that RE7 on PSVR will be an incredible experience even though the PSVR’s visuals can sometimes hinder the overall experience. Deep down I know I still harbour some form of bitterness towards Capcom for changing things so drastically. But as I have said previously my only grievance is that they’re using the Resident Evil label when it doesn’t feel like a traditional Resident Evil game. The game itself looks and sounds incredible and only time will tell if it delivers the Resident Evil experience we’ve been craving since RE4.

There are always upcoming games which get me tight in the jorts. Previously,The Last Guardian was one of those titles and as was evidenced by my review, I was very happy with what was delivered. Let’s hope that the games I’m keen for continue to deliver. Honorable mentions that aren’t in the top 3 go to Ni No Kuni 2, Halo Wars 2 and Nioh.

3 – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice: This is a title which hasn’t been getting too much notice by gamers. I’d speculate it’s like this because it’s not an Uncharted game. Ninja Theory are the team behind this game and by going off of the development diaries that they’ve been releasing, it looks to be a killer title. They’ve even been going in with support for the VR systems by the looks of it, which would be really cool. There hasn’t been a release date, but I can’t imagine it won’t release next year.

2 – Horizon: Zero Dawn: PlayStation 4, Guerrilla Games, open-world RPG and robot dinosaurs. What’s not to love? The team behind the illustrious Killzone series have really broken out of their shell and have gone for something different. While it’s not as wacky as some of Sony’s dead European developers’ games are, it’s still a nice change of pace. Here’s to hoping it’s not generic tripe.

1 – Prey for the Gods: Now this is an entry which is the most indie title here. Prey for the Gods is a game made by avid fans of Team ICO’s Shadow of the Colossus. It features an awesome art style and pays respects to Fumito Ueda’s PS2 classic in many ways. No Matter Studios appear to be doing a solid job and apparently a console port won’t be as difficult as they had first anticipated. So here’s to hoping that consoles do receive support as it’s mainly a PC exclusive.

2017 is looking to be one hell of an exciting year with a plethora of games ready to tickle my fancy. Although released in 2016 I am also really keen to see how Blizzard’s Overwatch expands through the new year with the Overwatch League. I can see myself playing a lot more titles in 2017 (More so than 2016) and putting my poor old PS4 through the wringer once again with some new juicy exclusives since jumping aboard the PC train.

3 – Horizon: Zero Dawn: I have been a fan of Guerrilla games since Killzone graced my PS2. I think the developers absolutely nail that future-tech feel of distant planets and I have always enjoyed the stories of the Killzone universe. When I found out they were switching gears for a totally new experience in the form of open world exploration I got very excited, even more so when I started hearing rumours the title would feature what is best described as robotic dinosaurs roaming the wilderness. I also have no doubt the game will look stunning, I just hope that it can also be a fun experience as well. Trailers and early gameplay are promising however, and while not boarding the hype train express, I am very optimistic for very good things indeed.

2 – Tekken 7: Tekken has always been my fighter of choice and although it feels like an eternity of waiting for T7, after playing a preview build I had my doubts put at ease. The game introduces a lot of new mechanics and new fighters that I only got a glimpse of, and I am sure I have dozens of hours ahead of me perfecting my craft once again (bring it on Lily and Yoshimitsu!).

1 – Persona 5: The game has already been out in Japan for a little while and it has rave reviews and a loving fanbase. Persona 4 is probably my favourite JRPG of all time with its totally unique take on combat and some of the best characters I have ever come across in a videogame. I have avoided gameplay videos and spoilers of the Japanese version of P5 but I rest easy based on what I have read online.

3 – God of War: The Goddening of the Wars: I didn’t realise how much I missed Kratos until I saw some of the footage from this year’s sizzle reel for the game. I now realised that the incredibly solid button-mashing combat really was a big part of my gaming growth from the PS2 onwards – and I now hunger for blood in a way that only GoW can truly satisfy. I also am desperately curious what happens to Kratos’ son, because it can’t be good in any way.

2 – Sea of Thieves: Why the hell haven’t we had an open environment, co-op pirate game before? Seriously, this isn’t some jokey pseudo question, I am genuinely confused – why hasn’t this rich resource of fun been tapped into? Bring on 2017, bring on the Piracy. The gamers of the world deserve a chance to be scoundrels both with, and to, their friends. Come on people, sign up now:

1 – Horizon: Zero Dawn: My love of the PS4 system just continues to reward me. Guerrilla Games has offered a great many impressive games in the past, but none have captured me quite like Horizon Zero Dumbname has. The perfect combo of open world, fast paced combat and exploration speaks to me on many a level. Hopscotch Zero Dumbname could well be an early contender for a GOTY nomination for 2017, provided it can deliver on each of the major tickboxes it seeks to offer. C’mon baby, show me what you got.

Also, the name is still terrible.

1 – For Honor: An upcoming hack-and-slash type of game including three different factions that players can all spend as much time as their little heart’s desire lunging at each other’s throats in a massive multiplayer arena. Yes please.

2 – Gran Turismo Sport: Finally, PS4 users can actually jump on board a half-decent racing simulator. It’s the 13th instalment in the franchise overall, but I haven’t had a GT game let me down thus far so my hopes are high with this one.

3 – Friday the 13th: The Game: It looks terrifying, and with these movies-to-game or games-to-movies situations I always find myself rolling my eyes, but this looks good! Something I’ll definitely be keen to play.

3 – Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: Originally I was going to write a paragraph filled with endlessly repeating expletives relaying my excitement, but for the purposes of decency you’ll have to imagine that instead.

Also, fuck yes!

2 – Yooka-Laylee: Banjo-Kazooie is a game close to the hearts of many people. You can’t really blame them, can you? It’s the pinnacle of the 3D platformer, and the gang’s come back together to bring out a brand-new 3D platformer in the same vein! If this and the Crash remakes bring about a revival of the genre, I’ll be a very happy camper.

1 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Everything we’ve ever wanted from a Zelda game, and it’s so tantalisingly close. It’s like when you try to lick your own privates, but we won’t break our necks waiting for Zelda. Hopefully.

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